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Uncover the Magic of Silver...



Essential Equipment
Designed for women and their sport, SLVR combines the optimum blend of technology and materials to create garments of maximum comfort and superior performance.

Who says performance can’t be sexy?
While there is a lot of technology in SLVR, the designer didn’t neglect fashion and fit.  All styles provide the same innovative “skin friendly” performance.

The magic of SLVR is Silver
Silver is known for its medicinal qualities, including
burn treatment and the healing of skin. Those same qualities are what make SLVR unique. Actual silver is woven into our patented fabric creating a high-tech material that is soft, comfortable and eliminates odors before they start.


Moisture Transport
The fabric of SLVR is nylon/spandex/lycra which has been treated with a process that permanently changes this synthetic fabric into a cool, comfortable fabric that rapidly wicks and moves the moisture away from your body. You will stay dry and it will actually help regulate temperature. So when it’s hot, SLVR keeps you cool and comfortable. And when it’s cold, the same process keeps your skin dry, so you stay warm.  Cotton holds moisture, rather than wicking it away -- making it heavy, uncomfortable and prone to bacteria and odor. SLVR efficiently removes moisture so bacteria and fungus never get the chance to form. 



Performance that lasts -- The SLVR collection is engineered to perform as well in your washer as they are on your body. They are wrinkle and stain resistant. And their superior moisture control never washes out.


New Arrivals 

Minimalist Shoes 

Sports Bras  

Men's Tights 



Performance Underwear for Her is accepting proposals for product sponsorships.  If you participate in any athletic events, either as a professional or as an amateur, we would be interested in hearing from you!  Please send a note to expressing your interest. 

Uncover the magic of Silver.  (SLVR technology)



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